Auto Insurers Will Now Dictate How Fast You Can Drive and What Gas You Can Use

Ok, I am making this up. Sort of. Every auto insurer is trying to get you to put in their spying software to “reward” you for safe driving. This means they will penalize you for anything they want. I believe this big brother sh%t will be mandatory in the future. But aren’t we used to it? Health insurers are now in charge of your healthcare. They tell you, as a patient, what doctor you can see and what medications you can take. They tell us, as physicians, what tests we can order and what things we can refer to specialists. How the hell did we let this happen!?! It is not best for the patient. It is not best for doctors. It is only for the good of the health insurance company’s profits. And no, the government is no better and I do not want them in charge. Why would I want to trade greed for incompetence? I want a real free market. I want catastrophic coverage at a reasonable price. No bells. No whistles. And then let patients shop around for better care and prices for nonurgent issues. That would be AUTHENTIC MEDICINE.

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