Facing Pilot Shortage, will California Give Flight Attendants More Authority to Fly the Plane?

What a ridiculous headline right? It’s not real. Thank goodness. But what is different than this:

Facing doctor shortage, will California give nurse practitioners more authority to treat patients?

NPs and PAs are not equal to MDs/DOs. The difference is a MASSIVE amount of education and training in the latter.

As California faces a growing shortage of primary care physicians, the Legislature is considering what backers believe could be a partial solution: allowing nurse practitioners who get additional training and certification to work independently. With that additional authority, they could treat patients without a “practice agreement” from a supervising physician outlining what they can do. It also would allow some nurse practitioners to open their own clinics without a doctor overseeing them.

The answer to fix the growing shortage of primary care physicians is to TRAIN MORE PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS! Open up more residencies. Make it more appealing for students to go into primary care (i.e. DPC). You would do the same if there was a pilot shortage. You would find a way to train more pilots.

And there are no autopilots in medicine.

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