Hey, Doctor, Check This Out

You know those ground breaking telemedicine sites? Well, here is some of the ground they are breaking:

…And Jay Parkinson, CEO of Sherpaa, which charges a flat fee for access to a doctor via an app or on the phone, received more than 30 pictures of men’s genitals after launching a partnership with Vice, where anyone could text a doctor to get their health questions asked.

Here is the “best” part. Most of these flashers are using aliases but the system can’t know that. When they sign up they put some medical information on record. Again, whether it is a lie or not, no one knows. The point is that these people can’t get in trouble because of HIPAA!!

Experts have said that if users share medical information in the process of signing up for these apps, it would be protected under privacy laws. The live interaction might also be protected, if the doctor counsels the user to seek help — both Doctor on Demand and MDLive now offer a tele-mental health service.

I am laughing my ass off.

So this guy goes to the doctor’s office….wait….change that…this guy goes online to see a teledoc and then proceeds to pull out his pecker……(FEEL FREE TO FINISH THE JOKE).

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