Human Methane Emissions

It turns out humans are putting the world on blast. A new study published in the journal Nature show that humans are responsible for as much as 40 percent more methane emissions than previously estimated.

Combined, both natural- and human-released methane emissions are responsible for about a quarter of the global warming we’re experiencing. But human-released methane makes up a much bigger slice of those emissions than people originally thought, the study’s findings suggest. They found that human-caused methane emissions might be 25 to 40 percent higher than prior estimates. Previous measurements of how much naturally occurring methane is heating up the planet were an order of magnitude too big, the researchers found.

Damn, I got clickbaited again!!! This is a global warming piece about the planet. The title of the article is:

Humans put out more methane than previously thought

I 100% thought this was about farting. And I also thought they would break it down into diet and so forth. Now, I am pissed off. Well, screw, I am going to have fun with this. I am changing the article to:

Humans put out more methane than previously thought with hospital administrators putting out the most

See, that’s much better. And more fun.

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