Pharmacy Rip-Offs

Generic Prozac is Fluoxetine.  It used to be $100 for 30 pills. Since it became generic, you can get 100 pills from Walmart for about $10.  You can get 30 pills for $4.

CVS sent me a fax this past week:  “Your patient wants a drug which is less expensive.  30 pills of Fluoxetine 20mg is $48. Consider Citalopram or Paroxetine which is less.”I was stunned.  FORTY-EIGHT DOLLARS?!?!?!?  This is WITH INSURANCE!!!

Plus, these drugs are not equivalent.  All are SSRI’s but they have very different issues of half-life, sedation, EKG changes and weight gain.  No!  This is not acceptable.  I called the patient and told her she could get the drug cheaper at Walmart.  I sent in a new prescription to Walmart. She was thrilled.

Then I returned the fax to CVS with big bold magic marker written accusations of fraud and theft.  I avoided four-letter words….but it wasn’t easy….

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