The Texas Medical Association is Fighting Back Against the AANP

This article was sent to us and I think it does a great job explaining the facts. The present narrative, coopted by the AANP, has to be shown for what it is. Oh, it’s not that bad? From the article:

Meanwhile, members of the American Medical Association’s Scope of Practice Partnership shared an insightful slide presentation from a recent AANP meeting. I was drawn to one slide that lists AANP “Board Initiatives.” Parts of it are repeated in more detail in the AANP’s 2019 strategic plan. I call your attention to two bullet points on that slide: 

  • “Patients nationwide will have full and direct access to high-quality care and will choose NPs as their health care provider” (emphasis added); and
  • “NPs will have parity with physicians and other providers in reimbursement, payment, and government funding.” 

This is their strategic plan.

Please read the whole piece. Dr. David Fleeger MD was very courageous for putting it out there. As of now, we see NO bad “patient” reviews on the different physician ratings sites. Just wait. The libel will start soon.

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  1 comment for “The Texas Medical Association is Fighting Back Against the AANP

  1. Steve O'
    February 25, 2020 at 8:37 pm

    I have often wondered at the smugness with which people assert their right to enslave me, to control my work, to force my will, to violate my conscience, to stifle my mind – yet what is it that they expect to depend on, when they lie on an operating table under my hands?”

    That’s the gig, according to the fictional Dr. Thomas Hendricks.
    It is more subtle when people claim your right to assign quality to whatever you wish. “Quality measures” are liturgical nonsense muttered in the coven of fools, who pretend they are the arbiters of quality through their magic algorithms. Chicken shit and chicken salad are no different, if you measure them thus-and-so.
    I fear that I am like John Galt, in not caring that patients choose the beliefs they wish from the Internet, and ignore those who have studied diligently for years. Let them heal themselves! I propose the solution is to allow the free marketing of all non-controlled substances. If your mother-in-law read that Bactrim cures diabetes, let it be so! How could I even stop you?

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