Who Needs Transparency When You Can Have an Estimator?

We all know hospitals and insurers are pissed about having to be transparent. Well, they are not going down without a fight:

ACHP hopes it can convince the Trump administration to abandon its proposalto require health plans to disclose their negotiated rates with providers, which both insurers and providers fiercely oppose. Instead, the group wants a voluntary approach where plans help patients comparison shop for care by offering reliable estimates of how much it would cost them out of pocket to receive care from different providers.

This estimator is a joke. It is about control:

ACHP wants consumers to be able to see estimated out-of-pocket costs, relative to their current plan deductible and copays, for a wide range of services and providers in their local area

Do you see how their estimator is just an online tool that works off their insurance product? It’s fluff. It basically explains how your insurance works and how you are being screwed. It will DO NOTHING to bring down the cost of care.

These two groups are some of the biggest lobbying groups in the country. They are flush with cash. OUR CASH! I bet they will pay off all the right people to get this done.

I’m sickened but these groups. ZDoggMD, where the f$ck are you on this?

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