AANP Wins Our First Ever “Hijacking the COVID-19” Award

We find it so pitiful when someone or some organization tries to profit off a catastrophe like this CV19 pandemic. We have mentioned others in past blog entries already but nothing compares to what the AANP is trying to do. They have used this crisis to aggressively politic and push for total independence by nurse practitioners. Forget the fact that their studies are totally flawed and without merit. You can search the endless blog entries in this blog that proves that.

The above video says it all but here it is in writing. We love that she says the NPs are the true heroes. Wow. We guess doctors, and every other medical staff member, are not important?

It sickens us that any organization would push their agenda during a time like this.

And now for a simple example (and there are tons more) showing why this should NOT happen:

NP who covers step down unit overnight called me to intubate a patient. (thankfully they’re not credentialed for this, yet)

NP: He’s tachypneic and he can’t keep this up for much longer. 
Me: Why is he tachypneic?
NP: I don’t know. I tried calming him down with benzos but he’s still breathing fast. 
Me: His x-ray looks clear, no metabolic acidosis on his labs, his blood gas shows a slight pure respiratory alkalosis, he’s been admitted for some time so he’s not withdrawing and didn’t overdose on aspirin….does he have a fever?
NP: No
Me: You’ve checked it recently?
NP: Yes
Me: Well, we’re missing something here because I still don’t understand why he’s tachypneic and isolated respiratory alkalosis doesn’t sound like a reason to intubate. Let me meet you at bedside and let’s take a look at him together. 
[At bedside]
Me: You sure he doesn’t have a fever and you’ve checked it recently?
NP: Yes
[Nurse overhears and checks temperature.]
Nurse: 102, doctor.

No differential diagnosis, no critical thinking. They are nurses. Plain and simple.

Are there good NPs out there. Absolutely. We believe, like the AAFP, in a team-based approach so mistakes, like the above, never happen. We should never settle for poor care. Online “doctorates” in degree mills are a joke. It looks bad for all NPs but the AANP doesn’t obviously care. They have an agenda and now it makes doctors suspicious of all NPs, which is an injustice to the good ones.

Whatever happened to collaboration? Instead, the AANP is all about competition.

Training and education matter and they matter even more during this pandemic.

We want to say congratulations to the AANP for your disgusting attempt to use this COVID-19 pandemic for your own personal gains and want to offer you our first ever “Hijacking the COVID-19” Award.

It’s well deserved.

(Note: any nasty comments by militant NPs are just deleted so don’t waste your time).

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