Coronavirus: Trying to laugh, Getting Angry and Beginning to Worry a Lot

I am certain Coronavirus has visited my office. But, I can’t test for it.  The President says it is available for anyone who wants to be tested. This is a lie.  Maybe if you are super rich and famous, you can find a test, but not for mere mortals.  In my state of Virginia, it is pretty much impossible to get tested at all.  Even if you’re rich and famous, I bet Virginia would still not test you. That’s a problem.  People come in with highly suspicious stories for Coronavirus, but I cannot test them.  As far as the state of Virginia says: They don’t have Coronavirus.  I try to get them to self-quarantine, anyway.  It fails. I urge them to at least not host social events in their retirement community for all of their old-people friends.  I fail and they have the event, anyway.

I keep failing because the Virginia Department of Health reassures them:  “You don’t have documented evidence of Coronavirus. Just take common-sense precautions.  Wash hands, etc.”Then the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) assures everyone we only have 17 documented cases.  Thus, the risk is very small.  Of course, if you barely test, you rarely document.  The Commonwealth of Virginia has no test kits. I understand the dilemma.  What I don’t understand is the fractured science the VDH (Virginia Department of Health)  then uses to claim we have less than 20 cases, so “the individual risk is low.”
Meanwhile, the pace of this outbreak feels like I’m in a fast-moving confusing action movie… except…. It’s real life.

We all have our masks for ourselves and the patients.  We have procedures. We also stopped visiting our own elderly parents and relatives.  We’ve also pondered our own vulnerability. We are an older two doctor practice. Our staff is not young, either.  We clean and scrub after every fever and cough patient.  We currently still have a limited supply of masks. I gripe because the masks make me feel like I’m smothering and my face breaks out. Someday soon, patients may be too afraid to come to our office.  Maybe we will all get sick or need to quarantine ourselves and have to close our doors.

Maybe…. We will even run out of toilet paper!

Well… Let’s go!  We have a job to do.  Let’s do this!

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