Facts From the Front Line with Dr. Kenneth Qiu MD

In addition to working on the frontline, I’ve also been consuming large amounts of physician posted social media via private Facebook groups and med twitter. Here is the current terrible state of things happening around the country now. More commonly in New York where the situation is the worst 

Fact: COV2 is airborne, lasting 3 hours in the air. Asymptomatic carriers can transmit. 
Physicians: *wear masks around the hospital to protect themselves and their patients*
Administrators: “stop doing that, you are causing a panic”

Physicians: *try to get COVID19 testing so they can appropriately self-quarantine and not spread to other patients/ healthcare workers*
Government: “stop, you don’t need it”
Administrators: “just stay home for like a day and sleep it off, then come back as soon as possible or lose all your PTO”
Meanwhile: Famous asymptomatic celebrity gets tested for peace of mind 

CDC: please wear disposable one-time use gowns, eye protection, and disposable one time use N95 masks
Administrators: please reuse those things
CDC: we’re running out of PPE, surgical masks are ok
Administrators: Also reuse those. You get one for the foreseeable future
CDC: you know what, this is basically the Wild West, bandannas are fine

Fact: shortage of PPE 
Governments: let’s release soon to graduate Med students early, lift supervision restrictions on nurses and physician assistants, and remove residency work limits so we have a meat shield for when our policies ultimately kill off our doctors

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