Google Doesn’t Respond to Nightengale Inquiry

How about the balls on Google? They could give two craps that the government wants to know what they are doing with patients’ medical records:

A bipartisan trio of U.S. senators pushed again for answers on Google’s controversial “Project Nightingale,” saying the search giant evaded requests for details on its far-reaching data tie-up with health giant Ascension.

Evaded requests? Why doesn’t that work for the common, everyday doctor?

Yeah, but how many records are talking about here? I thought maybe a few thousand. Nope.

The Journal earlier reported that tens of millions of patient records would be shared with Google under the agreement.

Well, I am sure Google is going to fix all this:

Mr. Ragone said that Ascension has “met with numerous elected officials and staff over the past few months on our collaboration with Google,” about “the work we’re doing to transform the clinician experience and to improve patient outcomes.”

I ABSOLUTELY hate when techies claim they are going to “transform the clinician experience and improve patient outcomes”. I, once again, am calling BULLSHIT on that.

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