The Reason Behind Drug Shortages

From Marion Mass MD:

We are dependent on China for pharmaceuticals. As they have supply issues, because of the severity of Coronavirus, we will have MORE supply issues than we have now (and we’ve had drug shortages of over 300 drugs and IV solutions for decades). Even a mild medical disaster in this country will be amplified by China controlling our supply.

Why do we have these shortages?  Four big companies (Group Purchasing Organizations…GPO ) control 90% of the hospital and nursing home supply because they have the right to receive legalized kickbacks. It’s become pay to GPO to get a product into hospitals and nursing homes. BIG companies (not necessarily the best product) pay to become the ONLY manufacturer. A disruption in the supply line of any one product, and we have a shortage. Just like the shortages of vincristine earlier this year. Now shortages will be amplified by the china problem.

It’s time to break up these GPOs and PBMs.

And it’s time to be less dependent on China.

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