Trusting intuition: Listening to that small voice when everything seems so loud

Email shouting, “Danger! Danger! Danger!”

Social media yelling, “Disaster! Disaster! Disaster!”

Bystanders frightened saying, “What is going to happen?”

While I’m standing here, exhausted sighing, “W.T.F.”

I have no other words today but to just encourage you to not ignore one of the best tools that we have in medicine. it’s not another fancy gadget, negative pressure ventilation or stethoscope. It doesn’t involve a blood draw, nasopharyngeal swab or imaging.

It’s learning to actual hear, hone in and trust our own intuition.

Intuition, that little voice deep inside that doesn’t say much and never seems to really shout. It’s something no one can give you and only you, yourself can hear. Trust yourself. When everything is a cluster, something doesn’t seem right or you need some guidance…pause, take some breaths, close your eyes and ask, “I am here now listening. What do I need to hear?”Lately, when I have had a chance to do this very exercise, my intuition has been whispering, “In this moment, you are ok.”

With gratitude, “Thanks, little voice. Needed that today”

Among the panic and uncertainty, your voice of intuition is there and accessible at all times. Use it. Pause for it. Trust it.