Village Idiots: Florida Legislature Passes Bill That Will Increase Access to “Healthcare Providers”

            If the USA is a village, then the village idiot lives in the Florida legislature. Never mind increasing scope of practice via increased education, more standardized education, and more stringent licensing exams, nope. Let’s just con a few village idiots, I mean legislators, and legislate the increased scope of practice. This bill is not a win. The very first sentence of the article has been proven to not be true (2): The Florida Legislature passed a bill on Wednesday that would provide Floridians greater access to healthcare, particularly in rural and underserved communities. This is a con job. 

The measure, which passed after it was amended by the Senate on Tuesday, allows Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) more autonomy to deliver health care for patients during a time where the state is facing problems meeting the demand for health care providers due to an influx in population.

I am not Anti-NP, I am anti lies and manipulation. I have stated before and will state again, one discipline is not responsible for nor a replacement for shortages in another discipline. A novel idea would be to replace the shortage of primary care physicians with primary care physicians and this can be done by increasing the amount of primacy care residency positions. Having experienced the education process of both becoming an NP then an MD, I can report that I was ill prepared to assume full independent practice without physician collaboration. Collaboration made me a better and safer provider. The educational preparation of an NP and MD is vastly different, and the health care environment would be a better place if disciplines could stay in their own lanes. So the next time you happen upon a village and it’s missing it’s proverbial idiot, you can be rest assured that you can find them in the Florida legislature. 



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