When Something in Practice Isn’t Working

Like everyone, physicians can really stress, and too often for us, it’s when something in practice is not working as we anticipated.

Unfortunately, it frequently turns out that finances and basic business systems are simply not working. Too often, it’s because they are never implemented.

Very few of us had the opportunity to study with successful mentors before we opened our doors. Worse yet, is the private practice owner who thinks they must be a slave to third parties, work like a dog, and settle for pennies on the dollar.

Too often, instructors and colleges fail our students by not providing at least the basics of business, personal finances, and marketing.

This has led far too many physicians today to struggle, where struggle is not necessary. For sure it’s a big reason so many docs have gone corporate 100%.

One thing is for sure though. In unsuccessful private practices, many never take the time to identify who their ideal patient is. They simply continue to market and position themselves like everybody else in their town and profession and wonder why they go home exhausted and broke.

In public health care of which I believe we all should contribute by the way, that maybe our chosen role, but in your private practice you still have a choice.

You can specialize. You can seek out clients who desire only what you have to offer. These patients are searching for your skill sets and quite honestly your professional relationship building.

They are also searching for a warm welcoming private practice staff like so many of them grew up with.

What this requires, however, is a totally different perspective. An option that honestly, I think we owe our trainees and younger physicians.

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