Everyone is An Expert

I “borrowed” this from Peter Attia MD’s blog. I’ll take it down if he wants but it definitely makes a point. I find the differing opinions amazing even within groups of similar ideologies. I see left-wingers, many doctors, hating possible medications that could work only because the orange man said he likes it. I see some many hard-right doctors truly seeing the benefits of shutting down the economy while I see others who are calling this some type of hoax. WTF?

Here are my thoughts. And these are just opinions.

  • It is possible that we have seen this virus before, or its ancestor predecessor, and that is why many have some antibodies to it and never get sick.
  • I believe the testing sucks and should be questioned now because it changes how we treat this thing. We need PROVEN ab testing.
  • I think some meds may actually work if given very early in the disease process but we are not even studying it that way.
  • I believe it is truly weird that the Wuhan virology lab was right next to where this thing happened and there is a chance this virus has some man-made parts.
  • I believe that social distancing flattened the curve.
  • I believe that peaking the curve and letting all the young people get this virus, and then get immune, would have been better for the economy. Us older people would have to had to stay home during this time. I believe this would have made CV19 go away quicker though NO ONE would handle any deaths (and there would be some) of a few younger people.
  • I believe that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are cousins and may have caused all this.

These are all opinions. It will be years before we sort out facts. Until then we need to stop blaming people and spreading bullshit.

But is fun.

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