Friday Funny: Out-of-Body Rounding


  1. What is astral projecting and how can it make me money?
  2. Over the river and through the woods (the astrally projected home visit).
  3. Psychic Siesta: “seeing” patients in the hospital while you nap at the office.
  4. Dream Voyage your way through the nursing home: Do they really remember seeing you anyway?
  5. Karmic Koding: How using a code like ξΨσΦΩ will make you tons of cash and confuse Medicare into submission.
  6. Interdimensional Diagnostic Dilemmas: Can you bill for pushing your patient “to the light”?
  7. Time Travel to “tweak” charts that are being subpoenaed for those pesky lawsuits.
  8. The future: Board Certified in Astral Science Studies With Inclusive Psychic Experience (ASSWIPE).

What others are saying:

“Psychic Travel is not a dream anymore.  I am making tons of money without even getting out of my bed. I even offer to see my partner’s patients.  Hell, I even offer to see all the patients in the hospital! With the new Karmic Koding section, my collections are up 40%.”  

Muriel Shmegma MD

“When I perform Out of Body Rounding, I can almost see myself as I lay there sleeping.  You know why?  Because I am!  This book has made me more aware: more aware of how rich I’m becoming.  If you’re not astrally projecting your patient visits, you’re not keeping up with the times.  If you are then maybe I’ll see you ‘on the other side’.”

Joel Kongor MD

“Pappy Circlage is brilliant!  Sure I question his morals, ethics and even his existence but who cares?  Being a doctor was starting to be a ‘near death experience’ for me.  Now I can see the future of medicine and it’s too good to be true.  I expect to retire within five years of receiving my ASSWIPE certification.”

Sally McMichael DO

From issue #10 of the Placebo Journal. A reader tipped us off on how good this would be for today’s situation.

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