Is This Safe to You?

First question: Is this safe?

Second question: Do we want to give full independence to people like this to treat patients?

Third question: How is this NOT devaluing to doctors?

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12 Responses

  1. arf says:

    If she were a lawyer, she’d be up for Barrister of the Year.

  2. Pat says:

    Long ago I developed a sincere and lasting respect for the entrepreneurial spirit, customer service-friendly attitude, and the capitalistic force of will of those who keep our gentlemen’s entertainment establishments functioning to, I believe, the great betterment of society.

    Shame on you all for dismissing these important societal values and contributions.

  3. Dave M says:

    It’s a kid having fun.
    Want to look at what med students say and do?
    Or how about the physician arrested for selling Covid-19 packs for families of 4 for $4,000 in San Francisco?
    I hope you don’t have videos of me as a student!

    • Sir Lance-a-lot says:

      I’m sorry Dave. I was a medical student once, and I don’t remember any of us ever having any fun at all. Also, aside from one of us getting drunk in a bar and being advised to cool it by the bouncer, then whining to the rest of us about the unfairness of the world, I don’t recall anything that would make even a slightly interesting one-minute video.

      The class was a hundred total douches, but it was a hundred total douches with some dignity.

      I would be interested in seeing “what med students say and do,” if you happen to have any links to any of it.
      If it looks anything like this, I would be equally critical.

      • Rick says:

        Lance, my thoughts exactly. We were a group of complete eggheads.
        I WISH we would’ve loosened up a bit.

        • Sir Lance-a-lot says:

          And by the way, Dave never did come back and post any examples of medical students doing the same thing.

  4. arthur gindin says:

    I agree with all three comments!

  5. Rick says:

    I have NO words.
    But I understand the advantages of her not attending medical school.
    She’s obviously smart enough, right? If you can complete your 2 years of PA training online, you’ve got the stuff.
    But her choice gives her more time to dance and strip on the weekends.
    Yes, by all means, let her loose on the public.

  6. Sir Lance-a-lot says:

    Devaluing to doctors?

    It’s demeaning to PAs.

    If I found out any of the PAs I work with had done something like this, I’d bitch-slap them with the heavy end of my Littmann Cardiology Master.

  7. Martha Clark, RN says:

    Soooooo – seems she’s better suited to working in a dance club than determining the correct medicine to treat my father’s cardiac arrhythmia.

    THIS is the future of medicine? Til Tok videos? “Be a PA! There’s no residency! Oh, and the dance moves you’ll learn are to die for!”

    • Sir Lance-a-lot says:

      “… seems she’s better suited to working in a dance club…”

      Probably reflective of her most recent… er… profession.

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