Let’s See Each Other

A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected Facebook message from a fellow mom. 

She’d seen me struggling in the checkout line. I had stopped by the dollar store to grab milk with three grumpy kidlets in tow. I want to share what she wrote because we need more of this in the world, now more than ever. 

“I don’t personally know you but I felt the need to apologize for the way the cashier treated you and your children at the dollar store…as a mom who also has three kids I know you didn’t get to relax and chill at all today either. You were busy…busy being the best mom  you can be!! You stopped by the store to grab a few things with 3 kids who were probably ready for dinner and tired from their long day. I see you momma and you were shining!” 

A-mazing! This small act of mom solidarity still has me smiling weeks later. She took time out of her schedule to reach out and say “Hey, I see you. You’re doing great.” 

Here’s my challenge for all of us: Let’s cultivate some small acts of kindness and help each other feel seen during this crazy time. Send an email to a fellow health professional, call a friend, give your partner a back rub. 

We’re all out here doing the best we can. 

Acknowledging that makes all the difference.

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