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Above are two advertisements. We understand that the second one is NJ and the first is NY but here is what a NY doctor shared with me:

I get called every day to volunteer on behalf of Gov Cuomo and every day I ask if I’ll be paid to risk my life because nurses get paid. Every day they respond with “Sorry, it’s a volunteer position”.

You may ask why they are offering so much for NPs and PAs. We don’t know. Our best guess is that they have doctors locked into employment contracts, which they are breaking, or they are using our Hippocratic guilt to get us to volunteer.

It just may be time for a physician revolution.

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9 Responses

  1. Kurt says:

    I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve saved and retirement is on the horizon. Can’t wait.

  2. Sir Hakum of Hugo says:

    Workers of the World, Unite. Never thought, as a Doc I would say that. We now live in a world where an employer can arbitrarily cut pay or furlough you. Thank heavens I’m at 13 years and counting until I tap out.

    Especially if some form of Progressive Socialized Medicine takes hold. I’d like to see an Advanced Practitioner take out a brain tumor, or be able to juggle 3 or more chronic conditions without punting to the Physician at the next visit.

    A Union that does not let the AAFP, AMA, or any other blowhard organizations to play a part.

    Maybe it is time for a little Atlas Shrugged therapy for the US healthcare system. To blazes with the Hippocratic guilt.

  3. Harrietta Christodoulos says:

    I have to say, that is shocking. I think a Dr. Revolution is on the horizon..

  4. Kyle says:

    I am not a physician but my older brother is. It is an absolute disgrace that this country has taken physicians for granted. It is absolutely awful. This will change.

  5. Pat says:

    “Hippocratic guilt” is a great, precise phrase.

    Very different from the actual Oath.

  6. ARF says:

    The Hippocratic Oath requires certain ethical behaviors in “whatever house I may enter”.
    Nothing in the Oath requires you to enter the “house” in the first place.
    It is perfectly ethical to say NO.

  7. Kay Victor Adamczak says:

    Since when are fucking NP’s and PA’s worth more than a qualified, licensed PHYSICIAN???

  8. Celia Entwistle says:

    it is time for a union. Pilots have unions and we need one too.

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