90 Day Psychopathology

Has anyone seen this show 90 Day Fiancé? My wife likes it. My daughter likes it. It is like watching a train wreck and everyone onboard has some major psychopathology. One dude is marrying a girl that looks 12 and he is in his mid-fifties with Klippel-Feil syndrome. See the pic. He has no neck. You can’t make this up.

Another dude has paid more than $100K to talk to some chick in the Ukraine over seven years. He finally gets to meet her after hiring a personal investigator and going over there a half dozen times. It is another obvious mismatch. This dude is so mentally messed up that he needs intense therapy. And yet TLC is making a killing on this show.

Another woman, a beastly person with a worse attitude, is marrying a Nigerian rapper. She must be 25 years older than him. Oh, and she is gross. Did I mention that?

How do I know some of this? Because it plays in my house and I sit down for ten minutes and get nauseous. These are all like patients that I have seen before in my 30-year career. They are messed up people who seriously need help. They DO NOT need to be watched, celebrated, or made famous.

And yet the country loves it and TLC is creating a dynasty from it.

We are f&cked as a country.

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