Apology for the TIMING of the Bonuses

You may have read in last week’s blog about how this Denver’s hospital was giving out executive bonuses while cutting staff and their pay. Well, there is a new update:

Denver Health Medical Center CEO Robin Wittenstein on Monday apologized to the hospital’s 7,000 employees for the timing of incentive bonuses that were handed out to executives and managers April 10, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The bonuses came a week after Wittenstein asked front-line staff to cut hours and pay and live on less.

“Being informed of incentive payments now to the executive staff, no matter what the explanation,” wrote Wittenstein, “has clearly been painful and dividing, especially because you did not hear about this from me directly first. For this, I am deeply sorry.”

Wittenstein’s email was sent to hospital staff Monday afternoon.

Did you catch that? She apologized for the TIMING of the incentive bonuses. Trust me, they are getting their bonuses but they are going to wait a few months.


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