Coronavirus Truths

Come up with your own list.  Here is mine.

  1. Coronavirus shows us we are not in charge of the world.  Our brains, reasoning and problem solving are not helping.  It’s making us freak out.
  2. We can slow the spread.  However, ultimately a large percentage of people will get this infection.  It’s not stoppable
  3. Some of us will die.  Even a “small” 0.5% case fatality rate is huge when you infect half the world’s population.
  4. Assisted Living and Nursing Homes are sitting in a very bad place.
  5. If a drug helps, the impact will not be dramatic.  Availability and price will limit the benefit.
  6. We don’t have enough time to make a safe and highly effective vaccine in gigantic quantities. 
  7. We can modify the impact on the health system to keep within its capacity. But, we can’t drive the cases to zero.
  8. This is decimating our economy.  Both options look frightful:  Open up and let the pandemic roar, resulting in panic, versus shutting down and smothering the economy.  
  9. Testing will improve, but will never be enough or as accurate as needed.
  10. We will make a lot of mistakes.  Be ready to reverse direction.
  11.  It’s too easy to fight among ourselves.  This is a really bad time to start a war.

Okay…. Your turn….

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