“I….can’t… even!!!”

From this article:

A new survey by Yahoo News and YouGov has found that 44% of Republicans believe that Bill Gates will use the COVID-19 vaccination to implant a location-tracking microchip into the vaccine recipient, a conspiracy theory that has gained traction among fringe groups and conservative pundits.

We’re desperate to open up and it looks like we have three choices: 

  1. Totally open up and throw caution to the wind.
  2. Partially open up and live in this terrible middle world for a long time.
  3. Get a vaccine and make this go away.  Hopefully, it will be safe and effective.  Who knows if that is even possible?  

But, isn’t this whole thing bad enough without creating massive conspiracy theories that Bill Gates is trying to microchip us all?

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Steven Mussey MD

Steven Mussey, M.D. is a physician in Internal Medicine, practicing in the Fredericksburg area for more than twenty years. He grew up in Springfield, Virginia and earned a degree in Physics from The University of Virginia, Phi Beta Kappa. He earned his medical degree at The George Washington University and was inducted into the medical honor society AOA. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. He served in the Air Force for four years before entering into private practice. He particularly enjoys geriatric medical care and working with complex patients. For almost a quarter century, he has been practicing with one other Internist. Both doctors enjoy practice in a small, but busy office, and plan on working into their 70s, as long as they can still find their way to the office. Dr. Mussey is also an avid cartoonist and has a weekly cartoon in the local newspaper. He also enjoys cartoon animation and has had several public service cartoons playing regularly on the television cable systems. 

  2 comments for ““I….can’t… even!!!”

  1. Dr Mom
    May 24, 2020 at 10:13 am

    My college-educated, ganja-smoking cousin gave me a book about alien implants when I graduated from medical school. Conspiracy theories are a part of popular culture.

  2. Sir Lance-a-lot
    May 24, 2020 at 9:05 am

    Well, I tell ya, Steve…

    At this point I’m getting pretty tired of these idiots.

    I’m neither Right nor Left (but I’m a little of both), but as far as I’m concerned, if a large segment of this country wants to stupid itself out of the gene pool, and out of the electorate, then so be it.
    With national voting margins what they’ve been for the past few decades, killing off 1-2% of the South and the Republican party would probably decisively hand the country to the Democrats for decades.

    Do I think that would be a good thing for the country? No.
    I harbor no more ill will against the Republicans than against the Democrats (I hate both of them), but I think the Republicans offer some balance that will be missing if they lose big-time in November.

    That being said, if this is where they want to follow their Russian trolls, it’s certainly their choice.
    As it is, I’m already planning to sit back and watch the news this summer of their overcrowded hospitals and spiraling death rates, with no inclination whatsoever to go and help them out. They saw what happened in New York. If they want to go around all-normal-like this summer, and refuse the vaccine when it’s available, they’ve been warned, just like they warned me that my soul will go to the Devil if I don’t join their psychotic churches, only this warning exists in reality, which, I guess, they have a hard time identifying.

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