Numbing Out Through Covid

If all you’ve been posting during the quarantine are “it’s wine-o-clock somewhere” memes, I’m gonna ask you a question:

Are you enjoying yourself? 

That may be a hard question to sit with and it’s important that you do. 

Allow yourself to process how you’re feeling. Defensive? Surprised? Scared?

I’m not here to diagnose or judge anyone. But I am here to ask you to dig a little deeper than usual. 

We all get stuck in habits that don’t serve us. You get frustrated at work, so you pour yourself an extra glass of wine when you get home…Or maybe your news cycle anxiety is keeping you awake at night, so you treat yourself to another latte the next morning. Or you just really need to let some steam off, so you push your body through another few miles on a run. 

These things don’t look or feel bad on the surface. Quite the opposite, they take the edge off our day and give us a kick or a boost that keeps us going. 

And YES, pleasure is necessary. Treating yourself is GOOD. But these little boosts shouldn’t be what keeps you awake and alive. You deserve to live a meaningful life. You deserve to live a joyful life. 

So, tell me, is that third or fourth glass of Merlot or umpteenth cup of joe actually a treat? Or is it a bandaid on a gushing wound? 

Are you subconsciously numbing out instead of actually feeling your feels? 

Coping with burnout often feels like grasping for some sort of control. It tells you, “hey, if you just treat yourself to this, you’ll be able to get a handle on yourself and keep on keeping on.”

But what happens when all those little “treats” are stripped away? 

Are you happy with what’s left?

That question is big – HUGE. And I know how big it feels because I have to answer the questions. And for me, the answer continues to be “nope.” 

If you need support to take a whack at these questions and the feelings they bring up, I’m sitting here ready to help you make a change or I know plenty of other great resources that might jive better. 

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