Propaganda to Show Superiority

Here is the Surefire Way to Crush the Wuhan Coronavirus. Crush a people.

The South China Moring Post article, Why an American mother rushed her daughters back to Shanghai during the Covid-19 outbreakis meant to show the superiority of China. Instead, it reads like a scarier version of 1984. Career propagandist June Shih tells her tale of evacuating her children from America to Shanghai to save them from infection. Indeed, China with its totalitarian communist government did a great job blocking travel from Wuhan to the rest of its own county to contain SARS-COV-2, while simultaneously sending the contagion to the rest of the world. Now they use their population control methods to subdue the virus in addition to their people.

If you have time read Ms. Shih’s article. If not, here are the highlights of her re-entry to Chinese society.

“Arrived at on Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport tarmac, sat two hours on the tarmac. Then put in another line for 2 hours that did not move. Finally reached the front of that queue, we sat down with a man in full PPE. He reviewed our health forms…the next stop – a queue for a Xerox machine run by police officers in hazmat suits, where we had to make two copies of our health forms.

“The next line was for passport control, and then another queue for a body temperature scanner, and then another interview with another set of hazmat-suited individuals who would decide if we were “high-risk” and needed to go to the hospital to get our Covid-19 tests or whether we could go to our home district to have the tests performed there.”

“Allowed” to pick up our luggage and line up for a bus to our home district in Shanghai.  

Required to download an app and provide our passport information.” 

 Put in home quarantine – “which would be allowed only if our neighbourhood committee agreed.”

The official asked for [confiscated] our passports and informed us that they would be returned to us only after our Covid-19 tests.”

“After a 45-minute wait, we were asked to form a line. Police officers stood at the front of our line and at the back. We were led to a large tour bus and got on board. We pulled out of the airport car park around 6.30pm. We had been in Shanghai for almost seven hours at this point.”

“The bus arrived in front of a large gymnasium around 8pm. After a temperature check, the hazmat-suited workers took our names, assigned us ID numbers.”

“What if the girls were asymptomatic carriers: would they separate me from my children? (The answer is yes – all infected children are separated from their parents

“No one ever told us we were negative. But at 2.30am, we were informed that it was time to go home,

 “At 4:03am, some 16 hours after landing, we were home. That morning, a young woman in a hazmat suit knocked on our door and took our temperatures at 10am. She returned at 3pm to take our temperatures again…Initially, a man would accompany them to film the temperature reading.”

“A few days after our return, we discovered that authorities had placed a sensor on our door. And more than a week after the start of our quarantine, we received a note informing us we were not to open our door more than five times a day.”But, it all ended well. The Shih family passed their tests and are now “free” to reside in Shanghai as long as they don’t try to access government blocked websites, don’t have more than the government allowed number of children, don’t practice forbidden religions, always have their health papers available for random inspection, and present their phone app showing a green health code

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