Sorting Fact From Fiction For Our Patients

If we’ve learned anything these last two months it is the importance of having steady and accurate streams of information especially regarding COVID-19 risk factors, treatments, and very importantly stay at home and self-help strategies.

You don’t have to look too far to realize what social media has become. There is so much misinformation out there the patients are disturbed, upset, and quite frankly by the end of the day, don’t know who to turn to.

Why aren’t they turning to their primary care physicians more and more? Too many of us ignore how much our patients value our opinion and experience. Most of the time, patients will value input from ourselves and our staff significantly more than social media or that free Facebook Group.

But how can we do this being as busy as we are? The reality is it doesn’t take much at all. Many physicians are realizing during this time of crisis telemedicine is way less complicated than they have been led to believe.

Staying in touch for our patients is also a lot less complicated than you may think. Right now, there are very good systems your staff, with input from yourself can use that will allow you to communicate frequently, inexpensively, and effectively via email and social media. Two of my favorites are CRM software and VOIP programs with text and group messaging capabilities. (Reach out I am more than happy to share which programs we’ve used for years and really respect.)

In primary care, most of us are aware of how compromised the perception of our roles in healthcare has become with the proliferation of social media, and more and more “advanced practitioners”. 

Respectfully, I believe we are completely responsible by not being at least as popular with our patients as their favorite online group or video guru.

Unless most practices change, this negative perception is likely to continue. 

Don’t let this be you! 

Rather than outsourcing this, I suggest you “insource” this by asking for help from tech-literate support staff. This can be done 30 minutes a week or less.

And you know what? You will also save a fortune in marketing, as well as building incredible relationships and referral sources.

Again, I’m more than happy to share my experiences with anyone who would like help!

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