The Stages of Coronavirus

  1. Denial:   In China: “Stop spreading panic! You’re under arrest!” Soon, in the U.S:  “It’s just like the flu!  You don’t panic over the flu!  Get a flu shot!”
  2. Anger:  “The government is incompetent!”  “Democrats just want to use this to take down Trump!”  “China did this to us!”  “Trump is an idiot!”  “You want to take away my liberties!”
  3. Bargaining:  “If we can social distance and isolate, we can control this.  We just have to give up things!  We sacrifice an economy, but we’ll get life and survival.”
  4. Depression: “It’s not working.  The death rate just keeps marching up.  Our testing is not adequate.  A vaccine is never coming.  We’re looking at “Great Depression 2.0!”  Even if we open up, people will be too afraid and the economy will just get worse!”  
  5. Acceptance: As someone still in the bargaining and anger stages, I don’t know what this looks like….

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