Here is Your COVID-19 Bill

This is an interesting story from The NY Times about a patient receiving a $400,000 bill. The whole piece is weird and I feel dirty just reading it. Unfortunately, manipulated media is all the rage right now. I have to look at any news piece with a jaundiced eye and try to see what their ulterior motive it. Imagine that? There is no NEUTRAL media source anymore. Everyone has an agenda politically. Or, they just want numbers so the story is clickbait.

In this piece, the author gets to rip on the hospital for billing the $400k. But that should be covered by the patient’s insurance or the government. Or. maybe not. Then they criticize all the vague bills, which is justified. Welcome to the lack of transparency in our broken healthcare system. Lastly, they criticize the doctors for their bills.

I guess their point was that this one patient should be an example of the tens of thousands who will be getting similar bills. And all I kept thinking was that we are ALL going to pay a lot for CV19. All the insurance companies will raise their rates again because they do that anyway and now they have a better excuse. Our taxes have to go up to pay these bills as well because the government’s money is our money.

In other words, the financial calamity is not over. There is a tsunami of debt coming. Boy, 2020 sucks.

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