It’s Not Over

I just listened to a radio show (it was conservative) where the host was trying to say that since the death rate of CV19 is 112,000 whereas the flu in 2018 was 60,000 that this thing is similar. Dude, the 112,000 was with a lockdown of an entire country. That was unprecedented.

This just came in from a friend who is an ICU doc in Houston:

This is, by far, the worst week since the pandemic started. The number of cases has spiked and the severity of illness is beyond belief! I am working non-stop with critically ill COVID patients and realizing that this is not getting better. I truly do not care what anyone says about how things are “better”, as what I am seeing in the hospital is worse! Mass gatherings really did a number on the number of cases we are seeing and I expect this “wave” to really jeopardize the health of many. 

So, why am I posting this? Maybe because I think that some of you with common sense will listen to my words and stay away from large crowds and keep your basic social distancing and masks. Otherwise, I will not have enough ICU beds for all of you!

I am quite tired, as after 83 days of continuous work (20 hours/day) I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel, because many of you elect not to follow basic common-sense steps to stop this pandemic once for all.

Please listen to him.

I know that not even all of us at Authentic Medicine agree on this topic. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

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