Monkeys ‘Escape with COVID-19 Samples’!

That is NOT a made up title. Here is some information from the article:

A gang of monkeys attacked a laboratory assistant and escaped with a batch of coronavirus blood test samples, it has been reported.

According to local media, the animals then snatched COVID-19 blood test samples that had been taken from three patients and fled.

One of the monkeys was later spotted in a tree chewing one of the sample collection kits, the Times of India reported – adding that test samples from the patients had to be taken again.

The undamaged kits were later recovered, the Meerut medical college superintendent, Dheeraj Raj, told AFP.Advertisement

He added: “They were still intact and we don’t think there is any risk of contamination or spread.”

Is it me or should we be a little more careful with this kind of stuff?

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