The Emetic Chronicles of a Ship Physician–Part 3

Hey All,

We are currently in port in Seattle. The last port we were in was Ketchikan, Alaska­a very quaint little port town nestled at the base of glorious, green mountains. I felt so good that I disembarked from the ship. I took some nice pictures, bought some souvenirs and ate a Halibut burger at a cute little diner. I swear my waitress was an ex-­wife of Mr. Stepford. Although her service was lousy I left her a two dollar tip to buy a personality. The trip from Ketchikan to Seattle was a doozy! Ralph made a serious attempt to knock down my bedroom door but I managed to keep him at bay with my new friend, Zofran. I had become a little cocky believing I had escaped Ralph’s clutches. When we left Ketchikan I silently challenged Ralph to “catch me if you can”­, you know, a play on words….Some time after that Bonine and “The Patch” deserted me and I met Zofran.

Unfortunately my blog, which was meant to be a written account of my journey through Alaska has become an “Ode to my Entrails”. The good news is that I will be visiting most of the ports again. We will be leaving for another cruise to Alaska this evening. I plan to get off at most of the ports now that I have completed most of my training. Despite the unpleasant experience of seasickness, I am still looking forward to this next trip. Alaska really is beautiful and pristine. 

Until then,

Bon Voyage,


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