The Great Experiment

We watched China get hit hard by the virus. Pretending it was “the flu” did not work.  Too many people got infected and died.  There was no choice.  There was only one option:  Shut down the country!

Soon, Italy was hit and the choice seemed clear:  Shelter and Quarantine!

With frightful speed, Covid-19 spread into the US and the choice was inevitable:  Shut it all down NOW!

We were frightened of the virus.  Then, we started to assess the economic impact.  It was terrifying, too. Meanwhile, cases dropped.  The shutdown was working. But, we wrecked the economy.  Some compared it to a temporary coma to save the patient.  So, what if the patient never reawakens?

We looked around as the word “Depression” was used:   “What have we done?!?”It was easy to talk ourselves into opening up.  We have science, data and good old American Spirit to deal with this!  We mingled.  We got close.  Maybe we wore masks.

Then, we started protesting in tight groups…. Sometimes, teargas was involved, making bodily fluids flow everywhere.

Yes, we are now open.  Granted, restaurants are pretty empty and theaters are still closed.  Many are still trying to separate.  But, even vulnerable people are coming out.

It is possible our modest efforts with masks and some distancing will keep the outbreak reasonable.  It is possible the economy will be able to recover.  We really do not know.

The Great Experiment has begun!

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