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Please forgive the sketchy grammar and obvious profanity, but…

This shit right here is exactly what I’ve been talking about!!  The venomously arrogant Dr Fauci testified to Congress last week and continue his Olympian run of political hackery and obsequious opportunism.  After being disastrously allowed to appoint himself Central Scrutinizer for All Human Activity, Fauci assumed responsibility for MLB and the NFL, socializing in bars, sexuality and recommended forms, the economy, and what our “new normal” ought to be.  And in so doing, bought into the erroneous mindset of too many med students and new residents, seeing the entirety of human existence through a marvelously narrow, if ostentatiously compassionate lens that allows them to know the “right” answer.

“When Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., asked at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing if institutional racism was a factor in black communities being affected more than white communities, Fauci plainly said, ‘Yes.’

‘Obviously the African-American community has suffered from racism for a very, very long period of time,’ Fauci testified. ‘And I cannot imagine that that has not contributed to the conditions that they find themselves in, economically and otherwise. So the answer, Congressman, is yes.’”

So this political leach, camouflaged by a medical degree, accepted a political premise whose precise value lies in its inability to be quantified, and gave it further public credence without any data for which he purportedly would base his other epidemiological recommendations. 

Right or left, when a politician with a medical degree starts running his mouth beyond his actual knowledge, his expertise is invalidated and we are all the worse for it.

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