Then There is This….

Trained and educated similar to physicians? NOPE.

Let’s correct this garbage.

It’s more like this:

That’s a little different, don’t you think?

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  2 comments for “Then There is This….

  1. Mamadoc
    June 11, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    This is a scandal and bad stuff will result. Wonder when all this is going to come out and the American public will realize they’ve been had?

  2. Gary Pearce MD
    June 10, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    This is sad but then again it is funny. Our economy has got to create jobs that are not out-sourceable. Obtaining an MD degree while admirable, may condemn you to poverty for years to come. Also along with the MD degree you may be prone to PTSD/suicide/depression/divorce/burnout. Is it worth it? In my mind, it is simply that white jacket…….patients interacting with people wearing white jackets invariably believe they have consulted with a physician. I have seen this a million times………be it anesthetists or opticians…patients report back that they saw a doctor.
    Don’t forget that many of our own have promoted this…..they need physician extenders so they can concentrate on their “sick” patients and turn over their healthy patients to these mid-level providers. This happens in most all specialties. Ophthalmologists (like me) sometimes have optometrists screen all their patients and perform preop and postop care (in the spirit of efficiency)(so that they can make more money in the OR), orthopods have their PA’s do hospital rounds, it goes on and on…….
    My main gripe is that these mid-levels are paid the same as I am. Do the patients know that they are seeing a minimally trained person????
    I understand that they can be seen quicker at the Walmart clinic staffed by a PA or NP, but do they realize that the CPT code is reimbursed irrelevant to the provider education/quality?
    We all know that 80% of “sick” patients get better no matter what you do, so we end up with the outliers that the mid-level cannot cure.
    This whole situation is just starting to explode and I love how nurse anesthetists now have anesthesia technicians!!!!!
    I am happy that I have reached the age of retirement, but I worry that I will not be able to find a properly trained MD when I need one- because they have all wised up and left practice.
    With the perfection of technology, maybe Alexa can be my doctor……I already can order my own blood tests and Xrays online (mdsave,com), and I can get any drug in the world online (maybe darkweb for some). One item I have not yet seen for sale (anybody interested?) is a prostate palpator in case my PSA goes up……..I am sure it will pop up on ebay soon.

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