Be Smart & Make Money, Not Medicine

Jason Cardiff, a pyramid scheme extraordinare, a former Mercedes Benz salesman can do it, you can too. After all, you did graduate from medical school. Even though, both his and his wife’s assets were frozen by the Federal Trade Commission, he landed a $20 million in contracts with two federal agencies to supply cheap surgical masks for the health care ‘heroes’ of our nation. If fraudsters can continue to benefit off of the existing government, why can’t honest people do so, and do it right?

Its easy to land such a deal. Yes, it is.

  • Step one: Obtain a government purchase order. Since the Trump administration has cut the red tape for agencies to order PPE, nearly anyone who can deliver can get one.
  • Step Two: Leverage this purchase order and get financing from private investors or use your own cash; take a high-risk bet. You did it when you decided to go to Medical School.
  • Step Three: Use the cash to buy masks from China. The hard part isn’t getting the purchase order. It’s delivering.

Total payment made to Jason Cardiff’s company? $5.4 Million. Now now, I know it’s not easy to deliver, but the opportunity is there.

This is just one small transaction of Trump administrations $17.7 billion spending spree. One of the best things, more than 2,000 of the contracts were given without any competitive bidding and out of the 2000, $2.29 billion went to about 470 contracts.

There truly are opportunities in this country. The fraudsters tend to do a better job with them. Don’t you think?

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