Rethinking Vacation: What Does it Mean to Go On Vacation This Year?

My family and I usually go on a trip this time of year. I’ll take anywhere from 7-10 days off work and we head down to the beach to eat ice cream cones, build sandcastles and rest our eyes in an AirBnB where I don’t have to make the beds. 

This year, it may or may not happen. 

While that makes me sad, it’s also forcing me to reconsider why I take vacation and what it means to be on “vacation.”

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t need to leave my house to get the benefits of a summer trip. 

Yep, ladies and gents, I’m talking about STAYcation which is finding ways to relax, breathe and ground yourself while staying home. 

This year, I’m turning off my notifications, soaking in my hot tub, and reflecting on all the badass things I accomplished the first half of the year. I really don’t get enough time to do that! I’m putting up a “out of the office” notification on my email and doing my best not to check it.

And that’s what vacation is about, right? Doing the things you normally don’t have time for. 

This year, it’s a full week without having to tell my kids that “mommy’s on a call right now.”

A full week of automatic reply emails that say “Dr. Weisman is out.” 

A full week of sleeping in, staying up late, watching movies, catching fireflies…doing whatever I want, when I want and not having to give a reason for it. 

Because I love my job and my life right now (seriously) but I still need a week to just be. 

And when I get back from that week…oh boy, I can already feel the renewed energy and creativity I’m going to unleash on the world. 

So, tell me, what does vacation mean to you?

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