Six Negative PCR Nasal Swabs. Four Antibody Tests Negative. Still COVID19 Positive?

I am going to try and be nonjudgmental here. In this WSJ article, they describe a woman who in March had “a postnasal drip, shortness of breath and diarrhea. Over time, her symptoms have multiplied and gotten worse, including continued shortness of breath, lung and back pain, cognitive issues, a racing heart beat, facial numbness, and a bout of pneumonia.” Her husband did test positive for CV19. She did not….SIX TIMES by nasal swab. And she has had 4 negative antibody tests.

I feel for this lady:

Before getting sick in March, Ms. Berz was an avid Peloton bike rider with mild asthma. Now she says she is unable to do any physical activity without feeling completely depleted. “I can’t walk for 10 minutes without being in bed for days after,” she says. “I would love to be able to walk my dog again.”

So, I am open to a discussion on this. My issue is there has to be some type of positive test because the floodgates of CV19 disability is going to crush our country. Do I think she is malingering? I have no evidence of that. Do I think others will malinger? Hell yeah.

Your thoughts?