Your Privacy Breached Over & Over

The federal government issues thousands of press releases every year when there is a breach of patient privacy. And whom do you think received most of this attention? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and CVS Health. These are the entities with the most complaints and very few, if any, consequences. Can you imagine the media attention independent physicians get? Here’s a list of a few, whom did. Of note, the organizations with the most HIPAA violations are all large health care providers serving millions of patients each year, including Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente, Walmart, Rite Aid, Lab Corp, Quest Diagnostics, Express Scripts, and United Healthcare!  CVS, amongst others, violated HIPPA between 2011 and 2014, and yet the agency tasked with enforcing the HIPAA took no punitive action against these providers. Some examples of violations included giving drugs to wrong patients, and faxing medical information to wrong places, including random strangers. Even small-scale violations that have caused serious harm have been overlooked. 

The trend of large organizations getting away with murder boils down to the concept I continue to allude to in many of my blog posts. The laws are enforced to keep sheep, or should I say, independent Physicians, in line and overlooked for the large organizations and those with power. Why? Why is it that those with power are above the law? Why do they get away with blatant violations of the laws, and those, who may not have intended to violate the law, are punished? We can continue to ask why, and that’s all we can do. Those with power control those without with the illusion that everyone is treated equally. Now that’s the most intelligent way of oppression. Make the oppressed feel they have power.

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4 Responses

  1. Edward Chastka says:

    It is possible to “opt out” of HIPPA. I did so many years ago under the “Country Doctor” rule. There are restrictions such as you cannot exchange patient information over the internet but if you do it it makes things much easier.

  2. Gary Pearce MD says:

    I left out a couple of things:
    1. Collected HIPPA fine money goes to HHS, not any suspected victim.
    2. You mention independent physicians……there are fewer and fewer of us….we shall soon be an extinct species.
    Also……have any of you ever lost a medical information form that includes patient identifiers??? Well first I will admit that I had a chart audited by Medicare because I was contesting their low reimbursal for the services I rendered. I lost the case because I did not have sufficient patient identifying information on every page. On the other hand, if you ever misplace or lose any medical document (or fax it to the wrong address, etc.) you are required to report it to EVERYBODY, including HHS and any patient who may be involved. So if your lame-brained secretary or your disgruntled employee (or the spouse/child/etc. of your employee working at home) is responsible for the exposure of protected health information, who do you think they are going after??? (They do sell insurance that will protect you against these claims, but do we really need all this crap- I signed up to practice medicine, not be file detective)

  3. Gary Pearce MD says:

    Can’t wait to see the guillotine out for those profiteering off of the medical industrial complex………………….like all those Medicare Advantage CEO’s……Would the Hippocratic oath obstruct most physicians from participating in a public execution?
    Also please track down those EHR companies…….they need to be put on a Wall of Shame!

  4. Rick says:

    Adil, we sheeple are now subjects of a tyrannical government/corporate complex. Only a “French Revolution” here in America will change this. And the way things are going, this may come to pass. I, for one, am ready.

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