Know Better, Do Better

It’s not one time events that change us, it’s our habits. 

If you go to the gym one time or take prescribed medication once or take one class, will that change you? Only in passing. 

The profound and lasting change comes from regularly moving, taking consistent care of your body and learning each chance you get. 

So as we move into the second half of the year, ask yourself: 

What has 2020 taught me? 

What do I know better now that I can DO better for the second half of the year?

For me, it’s supporting others in the way they need it. This first starts with asking. “What has happened to you?” Listening then asking, “In what way can I help support you?”

For #blacklivesmatter, it’s understanding that elevating others who have experienced repression and racism is the way forward for me

For my colleagues on the COVID front line, it’s advocating for their health and wellness when they feel like they can’t take a break.

For clients that were quarantined at home, living their best life and feeling guilty to return to soul-sucking jobs, it’s encouraging them that nothing is wrong with them for choosing differently.

Let’s not stop at just words, come with me and let our actions be our support.

Art by: Dr. Toni Liu @ LTnomad