More Professional Appropriation by NP Schools

This is the ad going around the internet from the University of Maryland School of Nursing. Amazing, right? This campaign by NPs has only goal: confuse patients. They are not doctors. End of story. Doctors and NPs are not equal. Training and Education matter!

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8 Responses

  1. Joe Smegma, DO says:

    OMG! Are you fricking kidding me? You make me want to puke. One thing is clear. Their motive. To supplant physicians by dilution (diploma mills), misrepresentation (pretending to be physicians), and misinformation (bogus medical studies). This is war! I can only hope that fellow physicians and our state and national medical associations are up to the fight. I suspect not. A wise physician told me recently that he hopes they get the full practice rights as they seek. Then they can be independently prosecuted for medical malpractice. Unfortunately, patients will suffer the consequences. Unacceptable.

  2. S T E V E says:

    I don’t want a flight attendant to pilot my plane.

  3. Jennifer Hollywood says:

    I forwarded the advertisement to my local Med School (University of Maryland) and Medical Society with a complaint. I got two responses within 24 hours.:

    These emails relating to the nursing school ad have been routed to us; there have been many.

    The nursing school discontinued use of the ad earlier this week when strong opposition was expressed by our alumni as well as non-alumni physicians. We forwarded most of the emails to both the university president and medical school dean. Your opinion has been registered and recorded – we thank you for taking the initiative.

    With best wishes,

    Larry Pitrof
    Executive Director
    Medical Alumni Association


    We objected as soon as well saw the ad and the nursing school agreed to pull the ad.

    MedChi is always ready to fight issues like this in all forums. We have had so many bills that have expanded scope that we have killed. It gets harder and harder every year, but we will continue to solider on.

    Thank you for coming to us, as your advocate and resource.

    Gene Ransom
    Medchi (Medical Society for State of Maryland)

  4. ARF says:

    WA State, it’s against the law to hold yourself out to the public as a “psychologist” or use related terms like “psychology” to advertise your services, unless you were a licensed psychologist. No such law exists for psychiatry, and I’ve seen NP’s use Psychiatry, Psychiatric Services, etc., in big signage letters, and “nurse” in micro print, leaving patients thinking they saw a boarded Psychiatrist.

  5. S T E V E says:

    You can rub it all day, but you can’t get shit to shine.

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