Race For A COVID-19 Vaccine Draws Scrutiny

Researchers say they are making progress in developing a vaccine that will curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, but some remain suspicious.

Thirty percent of New York Metro area residents say they are unsure if they would get a COVID-19 vaccine if one were available and 25 percent say they definitely would not, according to a Mount Sinai South Nassau Truth in Medicine poll released in June.

The findings of this poll – conducted by a hospital in a New York City suburb – match my experience. About half of my patients are against taking a COVID-19 vaccine. I’m glad that this poll confirmed that my patient population isn’t aberrant. 

Some patients are just generally skeptical. Others specifically mistrust the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex. My own rule of thumb is not to prescribe a new medicine until it’s been on the market for a year, unless it is a major advance. I’ve seen enough drugs released and their dangerous effects weren’t noticed until the drug was in wide release.

I wasn’t prepared, though, for a recent patient encounter. Mr. V, a long-time patient, is an IT professional. Intelligent, if a little anxious, he started to explain his reasons not to take the proposed COVID vaccines. He explained to me that the leading vaccine candidates rely on messenger RNA that gets incorporated into the subject’s DNA. Impressed with his knowledge, I noted that it is unproven technology. There are no current mRNA vaccines approved for human use, I added. Also, it seems risky to me that these vaccines will cause subjects’ cells to produce coronavirus spike proteins[RK1] . We know that one problem in COVID is a hyperimmune reaction. If a person keeps producing spike proteins, it could actually make infection worse (vaccine enhanced disease has been seen with the Dengue fever vaccine) or cause a long-term auto immune condition. I would be more comfortable taking a dead virus or a protein subunit vaccine, rather than an mRNA vaccine.

Mr. V, however, had other objections. He told me Bill Gates funded Moderna and their vaccine will insert code into your DNA. Furthermore, he explained someone could hack our bodies through a network of nanoparticles controllable through a 5G system. He informed me that the Gates Foundation previously funded a study of a tattoo-like vaccine that “tagged” its recipients. If we combine in vivo smartphone technology and machine learning algorithms with implants wirelessly tracking and transmitting real-time data from human bodies, the network for remote controlling humanity is all in place. This would make it easier for Bill Gates and George Soros to establish a transhumanist tyranny and a fully-fledged GMO Orwellian animal farm.

Hmmmm. I never considered that angle.

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