The Emetic Chronicles of a Ship Physician-Part 4

Hey All,

Good News! I have really enjoyed the cruise to Alaska this week now that Ralph is gone and my legs have returned home to mama. Bonine and “The Patch” are nowhere to be found but Zofran is hanging around in case I need him.

Glacier Bay was absolutely the most incredible sight. Snow-­capped mountains, the reflection of the sun off pristine, calm waters and the peace and quiet are to die for(and I almost did, thanks to Ralph…). Unfortunately, I was unable to visit Juneau because we had a very ill patient. The lead and second nurses were up all night monitoring the patient and deserved to disembark, so I stayed on the ship. However, I viewed the town from the ship while it was in dock. I was also able to enjoy a couple of the shows on board and partake of the wonderful dinner yesterday evening. We are currently in Sitka and I plan to disembark and take in some of the sights. Tomorrow will be the formal dinner and I will be assigned to a table with some of the passengers. This is part of my duties as a ship officer and I am looking forward to it.

For those of you wondering if I have met anyone the answer is no. The pickings would be great if I was into octogenarians ­which represents about 65% of the passenger demographics. There are some good ­looking crew officers but I don’t eat where I….well, you know.

Today I was asked by the scheduler to stay another week since they don’t have a doc to replace me. I’ve enjoyed the second trip so much that if I didn’t have a previous commitment I would have stayed. Anyway, duty calls. A passenger who hates crowds and ships(go figure)needs me. The conclusion of my saga at sea will be forthcoming….

Until then,

Bon Voyage(and yes, Bon Apetit!) 


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