What We’ve Lost

Before Covid, I started working on a short animated cartoon about medical school.  

I created a somewhat challenging scene that gave me the chance to push my animation software (ToonBoom Harmony) and my workstation to its limits.

 It was a quick pan across how I recall our first-year classes of medical school.  When Covid hit, the workload of trying to keep our office functioning pushed my fun hobbies to the side. The project is unfinished.   Recently, I went back to look at it in its rough form.

It is now so sad.  

This scene will not happen this year.  

It may not happen for a couple of years.  Most learning will be virtual.  There will be some small meetings with distancing, but this will be a minor part.   How will these new students cope?  How will they even get to know each other?  I’ve heard the comment:  “These kids are different than us!  They’re used to this.”  

I don’t know.  

It feels like such a loss.

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