Another Voice: Nurse Anesthetists Need Fewer Regulatory Barriers?

Boy, nothing chaps my ass more than good ole lies and rhetoric! The expression “chaps my ass” (sorry if it offends anyone) is an expression used to indicate strong annoyance at someone or something, a stronger expression than “frosts my balls.” When something/someone really annoys you, it chaps your ass. If something really “chaps my ass”, it means to deeply irritate, and everyone knows that to have your butt irritating you is one of the more annoying areas to have irritated, the only other is the groin area. Butt enough about butts, how about that article (1)?  I have nothing against Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s), and the article correctly states “many nurse anesthetists like myself are on the front lines, providing care for the surge of critically ill patients. This has been vital in the fight to save lives.” What I think is incorrect, is the statement “remove barriers to CRNA practice during this crisis.” This is the rhetoric and the lie that physician-led health care teams and collaboration are somehow barriers to mid-level provider practice. As a former mid-level provider, I can assure you that they are not barriers, and I wish this self-propagating lie would cease. I’m sure I’ll be attacked now, butt wait, I have more….. The self-adulation “My colleagues and I were able to lead the charge of this fight against the virus.” Many a proverb (27:2) has been written about bragging: “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.” But hey, not for me to judge, I can only read and express items in the article I agree or disagree with. For example, I agree with “worked long hours, on-call for emergencies around the clock.” Hell, we all did and still are. Butt disagree with “We were able to show on a regular basis the difference we make in the lives of patients and our facilities when unnecessary practice barriers for our profession are removed.” And no article on the subject would be complete without the standard rhetoric “to practice to the fullest extent of our education and training and helping to increase the capacity of our health care delivery system.” There it is! The undefined, unqualified, un-quantified statement. This statement has yet to be delineated. But hey, keep up the good that is being done, and leave the lies and rhetoric to the butt crowd. 

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