Do You Have What It Takes to Writer For The Authentic Medicine Blog?

Every six months or so I ask people if they want to write for us. Usually, a few people respond. I rarely say no if they can follow the rules. What are the rules? Well, basically, you just have to write. That’s easy! Nope. I challenge you to try.

The ten writers we have now are awesome. They get paid nothing but they have a platform to say what they want. I don’t censor them. I dare you to find that somewhere else (see KevinMD blog). The key to being a better writer is to just write. So, if you are a doctor and are interested in giving me a WEEKLY or BIWEEKLY blog entry then email me at [email protected]


  • You have to write weekly or biweekly
  • I do NOT want to start hunting you down after a few months and then delete your stuff
  • You can’t have a sordid past (criminal record, history of malpractice issues, etc)
  • You will need to learn SLACK to find articles to blog about as well as upload your stuff

Okay, for more information you can see this past post: