The American Board of Family Medicine Gets a $439,000 Grant from the Government

Here is an interesting story that will make you tingle inside. Under a three-year agreement, the ABFM (American Board of Family Medicine) will develop measures to track health IT use and interoperability of different EHRs. They will also “collect nationwide data and work with ONC to interpret the results, and inform future regulations. HHS is paying ABFM just over $439,000 under the agreement.”

Like they need more money?

Remember, the ABFM was supposed to be an organization just to administer the boards to family doctors. Not anymore. They want power. And they have your data and money (from the useless MOC exams) to do whatever they want.

I love this quote from the piece:

The program, which will be run by the nonprofit medical group American Board of Family Medicine, will focus on software interoperability and burden on providers to inform future rulemaking.

Nonprofit? My ass they are.

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