AMA Shows Their Lack of Backbone

Robert Duprey MD described the Stop Scope Creep campaign this morning. The tweet by the AMA had LELTs (Less educated, Less Trained) losing their minds. Should the AMA have cared? No! None of these non-doctors, responding on Twitter, had ever supported the AMA with any money. Only doctors do. This campaign actually started to give physicians hope that the AMA was on their side. In fact, many docs started to have their ears perked by this tweet and were commenting positively about the AMA on FB and on Twitter. Then, like the cowards they are, the AMA deleted it. One has to wonder if the whole Stop Scope Creep will be deleted as well. Thanks, AMA, for nothing once again. You continue to remind us all why we left you. I highly recommend doctors look at other organizations like Physicians for Patient Protection to help this dangerous trend of LELTs and professional appropriation.

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