Fighting Tyranny…. Really???!!??

I’ve got a couple of patients in the hospital now with Covid. 

No, they are not young, but they also are not Nursing Home patients.  

They are pretty sick, but I anticipate they will survive and be discharged.  It is easy to get a bit blasé about it all. Then, something happens to make you nervous.

One of my favorite groups is Devo, led by a brilliant music writer who is responsible for an amazing amount of music on television and major motion pictures.  His name is Mark Mothersbaugh. You don’t know it, but you’ve heard his music more than you think.  Earlier this year, he got Covid and spent weeks on a ventilator in the hospital, trying to die.  He recently appeared, via video call, at a virtual Devo fan club event.  Yes, I am a geek and I participated!  We were pleased to see he was very much alive.  At the end of his video visit, however,  he mentioned that Covid had left him totally blind in his right eye.

This really brought me hard back to Earth.   It reminded me that I currently have several patients who survived Covid but are left with multiple strokes or other permanent manifestations of blood clots.  This is the kind of stuff that makes Covid “special” and more frightening.   

Lately, my line has been:  “Kill me with respiratory failure and… well… I know I’m not going to live forever… so…. whatever.  On the other hand, don’t maim me with strokes or amputations.  … And don’t blow up my eyeballs!”

I don’t want Covid.  I don’t want to give anyone Covid.  If a mask helps even a little bit, why are we fighting so much over it?  I just don’t get it!

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