Gift List For Female Physicians That Aren’t Crockpots

I know I said I would only say this once, but it feels like we all might need a quick reminder after the year we have had: The female physician in your life does not want a crockpot as a gift this Christmas!

There are so many other things we would love to receive that do not push the idea of where women “should” fit in society.

This year, we’re especially not looking for homemaking gifts. Covid shut us indoors with our families all year and will for the unforeseeable future. The stress of homeschooling and adjusting to this lifestyle has definitely taken a toll on our mental and physical health. 

Personally, I need a friggin nap! Not another kitchen tool that implies that I need to be doing even more for my family. I love them, I really do. But this Christmas, I want my presents to be all about me.  

It is always a good idea to be straight forward and ask the female physician in your life what they would actually want, but in the meantime here are some ideas:

#1 An Airbnb solo vacation (No kids, no work, no problems)

There are safe ways to get away right now and holy heck do we need it! Book a nice trip where the female physician in your life can unwind and tune out for a bit.

#2 A loaded Amazon gift card to repair what was damaged/worn down from the year of quarantine

My house is disheveled from this past year! Covid has left our homes more worn down than usual. A gift card to snag a new rug, towels, or throw pillows might be a great start to patching the place up.

#3 A subscription box

From beauty to fitness boxes, these subscription packs have been such a fun new gift idea. Amazon Shopper by Prime Wardrobe offers a variety of options to cater to everyone’s specific needs for $4.99 a month!

#4 A freakin’ hot tub please

I know this one is extravagant but lemme tell ya…my hot tub is the best investment I’ve made for my health and happiness.

A bit of a bias on my part, but I do think we can all benefit from a nice dip in a hot tub to help relax after this year’s craziness! On top of the regular schedule of a physician.

#5 A second hand

Having a personal assistant, shopper, or a contractor to help with the little projects around the house or other things that could use assistance would be incredibly helpful to the female physician in your life. Our lives are incredibly busy!

#6 Deep clean her car!

Detailing the car would be such a pleasant surprise! The grocery store trips, going to work, and everyday kid shenanigans makes for a dirty car. Don’t limit yourself to vehicles – take any chore we hate off the list!

#7 Deep house cleaning

Speaking of chores…Hire someone to deep clean the house! Our long hectic work days can leave us feeling drained. Coming home to spotless rooms will help put our minds at ease and let us feel truly relaxed. This gift might not last very long, but it sure is special when done right!

#8 All of her favorites

Fill your female physician’s desk or underwear drawer with all of her favorites. Candy, face masks, salty snacks, whatever she obsesses over, make sure to give tons!

#9 A safe space

This doesn’t just go for the women in your life – all people need to have that space to be alone in when the stress is high. Create a space in the house that is just for her, where she can light a candle, put on some music and just chill out. Bonus: give her an hour of your undivided attention. The space doesn’t need to be physical, she just needs to be secure and understood.

#10 Handwritten letter 

Words are simple but the right ones can mean so much. The thoughtfulness of a handwritten letter is always appreciated. Even placing sweet post-it notes around the house to make her feel special, loved, and appreciated is a great idea!

There is no room for gift failure this year, especially with these suggestions.

I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy end of the year!!

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